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Our clients in this business sector include the industrial and commercial developers, infrastructural, and structural building companies with Civil Engineering specialty.  They provide the services of the structural building, installation, land development and site preparation.  The projects we  have successfully participated in: 



Oil and Gas Industry 


The exploration and extraction of underground natural gas and crude oil field are the global processes from our clients in oil and gas industry. The drilling of exploration wells, refining crude oil and purifying natural gas are also part of the whole process. We are here to help and offer services in the three key areas: upstream, midstream, and downstream of our clients' companies. The projects we  have successfully participated in: 



Machinery, Manufacturing and Material Handling Industry 


Our clients in this sector are mainly ranged from cement and concrete, steel production, packaging materials and many more. We have provided control system design, commissioning, modifications, service, and support to manufacturers across Asia and Worldwide. The project we have successfully participated in:




Mining and Milling Industry


Our clients use many different types of large and complicated equipment for the extraction of raw materials or valuable minerals from the earth. In addition, mining can also be done with a wide range of machine tools (e.g rotary cutters) to remove materials. The highly-skilled team can assist the clients in the design and implementation of mining vehicles (including bar mills, pipe mills, plate mills, cold mills and many more) and heavy industrial plants. This includes the design of process lines, mining equipment, beam, crane, conveyors, machinery, rolling mills and piping systems, and forklift installation. The projects we have successfully involved in:




Food, Beverage, and Agricultural Industry


Production and distribution are the two main segments of food and beverage industry. Our clients use many different types of technologies and mechanical machines for processing the raw material to create more value-added food productions. Our company able to design and develop bulk materials handling including conveyors, bins, feeders, chutes, hoppers, and crushing plants. We strive to have high-quality stainless steel fabrication and welding skills to deliver the highest possible quality products for our clients. The projects we have successfully involved in: 



Chemical and Process Industry 



Our clients can be distinguished in different types of specialties like commodities chemicals, consumer products and innovative science to the manufacturing.  We have been providing the full range of services to these Chemical plants including design, fabrication, site installation and maintenance coordinated by a term of experienced and dedicated project managers and supervisors. Pipeline refinery and transformer tanks’ maintenance are the popular services to our clients. The projects we have successfully involved in: 





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